Zones of mutual help

12.10.2010 | Pro veřejnost

Do you want to contribute to your own your relatives´s security?

Don´t you like the indifference of the others?

Aren´t you afraid to help someone else when in emergency?


What is the goal of the Mutual Help Zone Project?

To create zones in residential, industrial, business or recreational areas of the city, where people living there would reinforce their trust in the police and their environment. The condition neccessary is that the people gathered in the Zone were moraly and professionally prepared to help the others. That is why the Metropolitan Police, in cooperation with other bodies and institutions, is ready to offer practical and preventive information on how to defend againts criminal activities, how to avoid mistakes or even unlawful acts when defending the health or property. Citizens can obtain information on the ways how to defend their rights, life, health and property. In this programme they also get informaiton how to help the police and authorities  of criminal procedure in searching the persons wanted, or when looking for objects originating from crime. 


The membership in the Zone is a matter of personal believe and trust in the sense and significance of this activity for every individual, who is not indifferent to the situation in the surroundings. The neccessary prerequisite for this program to be successful is to close an informal agreement between citizens residing or working in that area, and then connecting this group to the police. The Metropolitan Police will provide guideline how to establish the association to those citizens who will be interested in becoming a part of the Mutual Help Zone Programme and appoints the officer who is going to be in a close contact with them.

To work, the zone must have at least:

2 flats
2 family houses
2 shops or other businesses

but at most:

50 flats (or one main entrance to one block of flats)
15 to 20 family houses
10 to 15 shops or businesses

After creating the zone, other activities will be aimed at the problems that its members feel as the worst. The Metropolitan Police can give advice how to protect their property or by specific measures prevent concrete offences. The zone members should meet in some intervals (e.g. once a month), so that the zone works properly. The citizens can invite not only Metropolitan Police officers, but also specialists from other organizations, e.g. Bílý kruh bezpečí (the White Circle for Security). The label with the symbol of the zone, that will be given to its members by the Metropolitan Police, has two meanings. First of all, it should be a symbol of the will to help the others. The potentional offender can learn from it that in this house (of block of flats) people help even if it is not their own life, health or property, that is endangered.

Samples of labels for the Mutual Help Zone

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