Support the animal shelter

Every month about one hundred dogs and thirty-five cats finds their shelter in our shelter built up by the City of Brno and opened on 1st November, 2002. Pets have all the care they need here – an experienced veterinary doctor works there with a team of trained and skilled employees.

Only a part of dogs or cats are stray who went astray, and their owners come to pick them up here. Most of them are pets unhoused by their owners. Their owners – contrary to law – simply got rid of them.

They have no choice but to wait for someone of you to come and rehome one of them, caress it and accepts it as a member of family, or keep it as a watchdog of home.

If you cannot take care of a stray pet, but you are not indifferent to the fate of such pets, you can contribute by any amount of money to their stay in our shelter.

The amount collected through a flag day will be only used for our pets –for the shelter´s equipment to increase the standard of pets´ lodging, to purchase veterinary needs, pharmaceuticals, feed, toys, and other needs for the veterinary office, for costy surgeries etc.

All the pets here are fed with high-quality and proof feed. Please, do not give feed to the shelter. It is not good for their health to change the feed.

We thank you if you have decided to contribute to our shelter with any amount of money and in doing so, to make the stay of the pets more comfortable.

You can hand your contribution in to the employees right in the shelter (you will receive a receipt), send a post money order (at disposal in the shelter and at the headquarters of the MP of Brno, Štefánikova 43), or by a bank transfer to the account no.

City of Brno, Brno City Hall, 616 67 Brno, Subscription – Sbirka utulek

Account no.: 111342222, bank code: 0800, constant symbol: 0308

(for payment from abroad: IBAN CZ72 0800 0000 0001 1134 2222, BIC CODE: GIBACZPX)

Obtaining and gathering voluntary financial contributions for the Animal Shelter, Catching and Sanitation Service in the urban area of the City of Brno, is in the compliance with § 4 of the Act no. 117/2001 Col. On Public Endowments, and approved by the South Moravia Regional Authority, file number JMK 104328/2006 of 11th August, 2006.