Brno Municipal Police – Basic information

Brno Municipal Police was established as an independent body of a Statutory City of Brno in 1992. It is the institution whose goal is improving safety and security within the community and performing other related tasks in compliance with Act No. 553/1991, coll. of Local police.

Primary goals of MP Brno:

  • contribution to personal safety and property security
  • enforcement of rules in the community
  • enforcement of city-mandated ordinances
  • participation in securing safe and smooth traffic in the city
  • participation in the enforcement of legal regulations regarding public order and maintaining of such order
  • crime prevention
  • enforcement of tidiness and order in streets
  • investigation of minor offences and other torts which fall within the authority of Brno municipality
  • providing Ministry of Internal Affairs with data relating to MP with a view to processing of statistical data

Police precincts and special forces

Brno municipal territory comprises of eight police precincts each administering one or more town districts. Every police precinct has one police station at a minimum, with 24-hour operation – See Contact us

Special forces operating within Brno city territory

  • Operational Response Unit
  • Dog Handling unit
  • Waterway unit
  • Traffic unit

MP Brno is entitled to operate outside Brno municipal territory (in Vranov and Lelekovice districts)