Activities of the shelter

The shelter provides catching and sanitation activity throughout the City of Brno (accepts only lost and astray animals found within the borders of the City of Brno). It was built up by the City of Brno and is operated by the Metropolitan Police. Up to 204 dogs and 42 cats can be placed there, including the quarantine. Veterinary doctor´s office is a part of the service (only for animal located in the refuge).

If your dog or cat gets lost

You should definitely call operational centre of the Metropolitan Police (free line 156), where you can get information about all the pets caught on that day. If it is a longer time since you have lost your pet, check out our web pages with the lost animals, and if you find your cat or dog there, you can come to pick it up in the refuge – please see handing the pets found to their owners.

To get your pet back, you must have your picture ID, vaccination certificate of the pet, or other documents regarding the ownership, and some cash to pay for the expenses connected with the care of the lost pet that incurred to the City of Brno. You can contact the following numbers to get information about the cost in advance. Contacts

Rehoming the pets

Found animals are placed to foster families for a period of half a year since the animal was found (i.e. since the date the animal was placed in the shelter) according to the agreement about fostering the found animal. This period of time is required by law, Act. no 40/1964 Col., Civic Code, as ammended. If the owner does not contact the shelter in this period of time, the animal becomes city´s property and can be transfered to the ownership of other corporations or individuals – i.e. ownership of animal fosters. The transfer is done by purchase agreement. The price decided by the City Council is due cash at taking the animal from the centre and is 500 CZK for dogs, and 200 CZK for cats.

The person interested in buying the animal must be apt to legal acts and have the domicile in the Czech Republic.

All the animals are examined by the vet, vaccinated and outer and inner parasites are removed before the transaction. All the animals given to new owners have their vaccination certificate and are carrying a chip (cats be tattooed). It is very important for the case of lost to the new owner.

The new owner is freed from paying the dog fees for a period of one year in the City of Brno since taking the animal from the centre.

Do you want to find your new friend in our shelter?

The list of animals in our shelter is under these links ( dogs found –  cats found –  dogs for adoption –  cats for adoption ). In the sections of animals found, the animal are in the quarantine. During this period, they cannot be given out to the foster owners, they can only be given back to their owner provided that he/she brings the above mentioned documents. After the carantene has passed, the presented animals are transferred to the “adoption“ section and can be given to foster homes. The list is usually updated every weekday.

The information about the age of animals is only orientational – the age is guessed at the veterinary examination, it does not have to be the real age.

If you are interested in any of our wards, we will be happy to give you more detailed information by phone (see phone numbers ), or in person if you visit us (see animal rehoming ). We wish you good luck in choosing your new friend and a nice new home to the animals.

Tours in the centre

Tours in the animal shelter is not allowed in order to keep the animals in good psychical and physical condition. Animals (dogs mainly) are sensible to presence of strangers and are strongly influcenced by it and suffer from health disorders (digestion etc.).

Bulk catching of stray cats

To control the stray cats population, the catch service catches stray cats in the  City of Brno . The service is carried out from spring until the end of the year (towards the end of the year according to the weather, in winter months due to decreased immunity of animals, catching is not carried out). 

Cats are cought in a humane way – with use of appropriate bait and cages. Caught cats are placed into the quarantine in the centre. During their quarantine, they are examined by a veterinary doctor of the centre, castrated, and outer or inner parasites are removed, vaccinated and marked with a tattoo. After about ten days of the quarantine, they are – in accordance with the guideline of the State Veterinary Authority of the Czech Republic no. 3/1995 Control of stray cats population in urban areas – freed back in the locality where caught (as for cats, they are synanthropic animals, i.e. animals with natural life in vicinity of human residential areas and houses).

Stray cats are caught in those locations, where their control is desired and needed, and it is financed from the central budget – at the expenses of the City of Brno. Only application from Brno city boroughs are accepted, their workers are able to consider whether the action in needed in the area.

If you think that there was an outbreak of cat population in some areas and the situation requires catching, please contact your local authority (town hall – Environment Department). If the authorities decide that it is necessary to catch the cats in the area, it will send an apply to our centre.

We have to point out that the number of application is great every year and the capacity of carantene in our centre only limited. Although we carry out catching after ten days in some area of the City of Brno, time from applying to the action is long and it can easily happen that the catching is not carried out in the same calendar year. Nevertheless, we execute all applications in the order they were received. If the catching cannot be carried out in the same year, the application moveds to the next year without a change in the order.

Citizens often address us with their opinion that it is necessary to catch cats in their neighbourhood first and the other applications can be postponed. It is not the case in the all-city point of view. To prefer one catching to another means to delay catchings on other areas. We refuse such favouritism and keep the order as described above. We believe that you understand this procedure.