Brno Metropolitan Police – Basic Information 

The Brno Metropolitan Police was established by the City of Brno in

1992. MP is a body of the municipality that fulfils its tasks to secure

local public order, and it also fulfils other tasks according to the

Act no. 553/1991 of Collection on Metropolitan Police. 

Brno MP´s main tasks

  • works to contribute to personal and property security,
  • watches over adherence to the rules of community peaceful co-existence,
  • works for safe and smooth traffic on surface routes in the scope determined by this or other law
  • identifies offences againts the law and other administrative torts
  • notifies indivuduals and corporations about violation of law and takes remedial measures.

Wards and Special Units of the Brno MP


Police has eight wards in the City of Brno, each ward consists of one

or more boroughs. There is at least one police station with non-stop

service withnin each ward – please see MP Brno contacts.

There are specialist units withnin MP with their territorial scope in the whole city, e.g.:

  • Operational Action Unit
  • Dog Support Unit
  • River Guards Unit
  • Traffic Unit

Based on the contract governed by public law, the MP can excercise its activities also outside the City of Brno borders, precisely in Vranov and Lelekovice.